Two months career program with mentorship to help you expore the world of development

Contains Internship Certificate, LOR and Referrals in future

Technologies You will be working on

How Your next Two months will look like

** Sessions with your mentor and the work you do during the internship will be on weekends so that you can continue the program while being in college

Week 1-2

  • Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle and Insudtry Standard tools and techs
  • Introduction to Git
  • Introduction to basic programming in python

Week 3-4

  • Getting Started with HTML,CSS,JS
  • Introduction to Server side languages(php,Java)
  • Getting Started with php
  • Introduction to database(SQL)

Week 5-6

  • Project for the software market place of ScholarPanda to use full stack development skills
  • Project with python,php,SQL

Week 7-8

  • Hands on Frontend Web Development
  • Responsive web designing
  • Introduction to Advanced Frontend Development


  • You will be getting Certificate and Recommandation after successful completion
  • Your work will be live in website so that you can boost your resume in front of potential recruiters
  • Our mentors will be giving you referrals in future
Pricing for the full program - INR 2500/- only (to be paid after 1 week of free trial)

Our Instructors

Purushottom Mallick

Chief Frontend Engineer at ScholarPanda

Subhodip Panda

Ex-L&T,Ex-Mu Sigma
Python and SQL Instructor

Joydip Panda

Ex-Deutsche Bank
Backend Developer