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The Mushroom Cloud of World War 3

As people from all over the world were recovering from the hangover of the new-year, a new euphemism of opportunity was paving the boulevard of World War 3. What is different in this new decade is that the war is not claimed by the any autocratic nation, not by any authoritative leader but by the social media memes. In this transformative world of technology and internet the social media is really a power centre for people to start a proxy war and create a fear mongering economy that feeds itself with constant fuel of distorted information.

3rd Jan,2020: The headline reads US killed Iran’s top military general Qasem Soleimani in a drone strike and World War 3 began in the virtual world.

As I was poring over the news, it really bothered me that how actual facts can be twisted in a way and presented on social media that creates a havoc among us. But it really forced me to think what if really war breaks out, rather a better question would be what does it take to start a war? Someone who has studied the history of World War 2 and Life of Hitler knows that it really takes a chronology of events to occur that leads two opposing world to the path of mass destruction. Did the chronology of events between Iran and USA was strong enough to lead to WW3? Let’s point out some type of tensions that can lead two countries to fight against each other:

I will not delve into the chain of events that happened between Iran and US (Read it here: but definitely one can conclude that if the war breaks out it will be of no surprise considering the ongoing tensions between these two countries. Whether be it religious tensions, harsh economic sanctions or socio-political tensions these two countries have been a part of a silent duel that still continues to magnify with retaliation tendencies from both the sides.

Since the War of 1945, we have come a long way in terms of technology and economy. With each passing year, the web of intricate international policies is reaching every country and binding them under a global village. To secure global peace and prosperity institutions were formed and we vowed to make global peace as a mandate. In this kind environment as each positive step helps so as the negative steps plummet due to chain reaction of the social media information. With each technological innovation, the cost of news circulations is coming down and specially social media is pioneer among all communication channels. Social media rockstars not only distort information deliberately but also create a fear mongering task in this regard. They forget that they have crossed the line of moral hazard and circulate memes, jokes unscrupulously. The effect is even severe when normal people take it seriously and this is done deliberately by hiding the true facts.

With Institutes getting strong and cumulative intervention power we are nowhere near the break out of WW3. And if it does, as a global village every one of us will be affected and social media will not endow us with safe homes to hide. World is reminisce of the destruction of natural resources, human capital and a progeny of defected consequences after World War2, and if we are indulging into WW3 then we really need to contact Elon Musk to find a space in Mars for the years to come.

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Subhodip Panda